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Will it cost me to use a debt collection agency?

No, SDR provide a range of Zero cost debt reovery solutions. We provide debtor friendly or firm action approaches under our various service options

Are there any upfront costs?

No, we will not ask you to pay any costs upfront, in cases where we are unable to collect their is no charge for our services.

How old must invoices be before i pass them to a debt collection agency?

Invoices can be passed to us after they exceed the agreed credit terms that you provided to your customer. This is usually 7 – 30 days after the supply of goods/services.

In the absence of a written agreement on payment terms, current legislations states that payment becomes due 30 days from the invoice issue date.

Do we accept aged invoices?

Yes we accept overdue invoices that are up to 6 years old, we will always pre-advise on these matters to give you an accurate estimation of recovery success.

Are you balliffs?

This question is very common in our industry. No we are not we recover overdue invoices pre-legally under the late payment legislation. Ballifs are never instructed before the matter has been brought before the courts. Over 80% of our cases are resolved within 14 days before any legal action is taken.

How will i be updated?

We update our customers, via telephone and their online portal where they are able to view all live cases. This inlcudes:

  • Contact notes – View when we have been in contact and see what’s said by your debtor.
  • Status Progress – View the status of your case.
  • Payments – View all payments across all your cases.

How long does the debt recovery process take?

The pre-legal debt recovery process typically takes less than 14 days from date of instruction up to 30 – 45 days in more complex matters where the overdue invoices and/or incorrect/incomplete are details provided.